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Greetings fellow members ,

As you all probably know by now, The SmokeEasy Cigar Event for 2011 was cancelled, but it will be back in 2012 at the Lucky Eagle Casino.

In the meantime a group of friends, with CRA and the Cigar Assoc. WA. are working and supporting together a great idea to bring a cigar event to the Northwest that would bring cigar enthusiasts together with a Charity Event to benefit and support Cigars Rights of America.

The Event is the Seattle Cigar Expo 2011 Charity Event for Cigar Rights of America in the Northwest region. I'm one of ambassadors for the event and want it to share the great news of this upcoming event with all Western region members.

Visit the event websilte for more information. This is going to be a great cigar event for a great cause. There are going to have food, music, cigar celebreties, CRA and CAW seminars, wine & spirit tastings, premium cigars.

The web page for the event is under Seattle Cigar Expo.

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