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glovepuppy said:
Here in SD we have a big Senate race going on. Daschle is up for re-election against John Thune. Most of you probably know of Tom Daschle. He is the minority leader in the Senate. He is also not liked by very many people outside of this state because he is looked upon as a bill blocker in the Senate. He philabusts and votes against almost all bills in the Senate, unless they are written to his specifications.

In support of this contention, I was recently at the Republican Headquaters in Pierre and the head guy there said that they had already rec'd thousands of contributions from sources outside of SD. He said at most they usually get a couple hundred.

John Thune is a young up and comer. Personally, I think the Republican party is using him as a pawn (MHO). He ran against Tim Johnson in the last election for US House and narrowly lost. I have had a hard time deciphering what Thune stands for. I believe the only reason he is even in this race is because he got "orders" from the higher-ups in the Republican party.

Here's my dilemna. I don't like either of these two candidates. Daschle is a bill blocker, but he has HUGE power in Washington. If we get rid of him, SD will lose any leverage they have. Thune seems to be using SD for his own future benefit IMHO. He also seems to be more of a follower than a leader and I don't think he can get much done for SD.

I'm looking for some thoughts/feelings of the other BOTL's to help me with my vote when it comes to election day. They are the only two running and I WILL vote for one, unless somehow they can get none-of-the-above on the ballot.

You have just discovered the conudrum of career politicians. This is why we need term limits, to check the power of those "citizen servants" who make politics a very lucrative career. This is not what the founders envisioned, an elite ruling class in DC.

While I would guess your assessment of why Thune is running is likely correct, the actions of Sen. Dashle and his lobbist wife, Linda, are disgraceful. He got some investigation into a fatal plane crash squashed when his wife worked for the FAA. She also pulled off the Air Force lease of tankers that was more expensive than outright owning them. Do you think marrying the right Husband might have helped her career?

Of course as a politician's stature rises, so does the campaign contributions. Did you know that, at the end of their career, the pols can pay income tax and get to keep the cash? Some call it bribery, here in the US its business as usual. Feingold-McCain, what a joke.

The guy is building some vacation palace out there. So much for giving a crap about SD. I always see the career pols getting out of the home state and living somewhere else while ostensibly keeping a residence for electoral reasons only. These guys become no more attached to their home state than an apple to an orange tree. The power is so intoxicating, they like staying near the folks that kiss ass, Hollywood, Billionaires, etc.

IMO, send a message to career politicians and let the bastard find a real job for a while.

I'll be in Yankton tommorrow, BTW.
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