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scotland golf

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hey all
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sorry about that.
anyway i am leaving this saturday for 8 days of golf in scotland. never been there before but i am greatly looking forward to it. getting to go on a first class trip for only my personal expenses while over there, golf is even included in my deal!
so i figured some of you guys have probably been to scotland and probably even stayed at the same places we will. i will be staying in north berwick and st. andrew's. so i am curious about these places. are the cigar shops over there? and do any of them sell any aged stock? or should i pack accordingly and bring my own supply?
thanx in advance for any input or suggestions.
If you plan on buying cigars there, bring lots of money.
that's fine, buy will there be what i am looking for? what i won't be looking for is an assortment of boxes from june 03, which is what i encountered in grand cayman for obvious reasons. will there be some places there with selections of mature sticks, at least long enough for some flavor? or should i BYOC?
Not sure about Scotland, but, there's a JJ Fox and the Decent Cigar Emporium in Ireland. You going this weekend??? With the British Open going on it should be hopping in the region.
yes we are heading over this weekend. i had hoped that we would be able to make it down to the last day, sunday, of the open, but it's not going to happen. it's quite a long drive from where we will be at considering it is taking place in england this year. maybe another time:D
I just got back from a Portcall in Scotland and ther are plenty for cigar shops in Edinborugh(probly spelled wrong) and they have mature cigars and a large selection of ISOMs if ya like that kinda thing. I dont know about the rest of Scotland sry. But there are plenty of local cigar shops all around England so you should have no trouble.
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