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So I got home from work, very excited hoping that my Newbie PIF might have arrived and lo and behold I see two packages waiting for me. I was not suprised, I had sent my Palio in for repair a week back and thought it must have been that coming back to me. I took a closer look and noted that the return address was in a different state then where I sent my Palio...suspicious... I opened the box, but by then it was to late BOOM! I was launched from my chair and in a daze as the dust settled back in the room. Laying where there was once a package was a Rocky Patel SG Torp a 5 Vegas Series A and a Box Press Gurhka of which I've only ever had the Rocky before. Additionally, Doug included a DVD of the Modern Marvels Tobacco episode of a few weeks back. I remember posting that I wish I had caught and it looks like I can watch it all I want now! Thanks a million Doug, now to plot my revenge...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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