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A local cigar shop Jerrnigans Tobacco Village just moved to a new location with a larger humidor. So i decided to go in and have a look. Well I didn't really see anything that I like so I saw the Santa Rosa Torpedo. It was a short and fat little guy.

I brought it home and let it sit in my humidor for a few days. Well last night I fired it up.

It was a light colored cigar with a slightly mushy feal. I cut it with my palio cuter. It was a clean cut. The Santa Rosa had a nice draw. With a slightly citrusy prelight flavor.

So I sparked my Vector Delta and slowly began to toast the foot of the cigar, then I put it too my lips and slowly puffed and turned until it was completely lit. Holy mild Batman. It was a super mild cigar. It had a decent flavor though. It had a citrusy flavor at first with undertones of a brown paper bag, you know the king that you used to get at the super market before they switched to plastic. Then it switched to a full on 2x4 that was just soaked in coffee. It was a complex cigar for being so mild. I was kind of surprised. It never got harsh though. I smoked this down to the nub. This was a really good cigar for someone who likes really mild cigars. I like cigars with a little more oumph than this but it was a good cigar. Just not my flavor profile.
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