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So, I am curious(yet again) have you ever went down to a shop or perhaps your own collection to sample various pipe tobaccos? Ever had a pipe tobacco that was good, but just didn't jive or do anything for you?

I recently sampled a bit of different ones(last night in fact, where my best friend of 8 years bought me my new Peterson) at a local shop here in Colorado known as Barlow's Premium Pipe and Cigar.

Here's a quick rundown of stuff I sampled( a pinch or two in the bowl of the pipe):

Peterson Irish Flake- This was an interesting one, but it just didn't jive with me much. It seemed to have a very sweet taste that I didn't care for. My best friend seemed to love it though.

Macbaren HH Acadian Perique- Wonderful. I am quickly finding I enjoy Perique and orientals quite a bit and this is a blend of purely orientals and of course, Perique. Spicy and earthy deliciousness! Yum. Must pick up a tin. It also seemed to have a pretty good nicotine punch, and overall some pretty good strength to it.

SG Balkan Flake- Pretty good! Very smokey tasting, I think I shall get a tin.

Oh, and I ran out of time at the shop(they were closing) before I could go back for some Maltese Falcon and some of the various Frog Morton tins they had in the drawer. There was also some SG Skiff mixture and Squadron Leader as well as Chocolate Flake tins I had really wanted to sample but I had to leave.

I should also mention that this drawer has Murray production tins of most of the old Dunhill blends, most of them are still quite full. I think I shall partake in some Royal Yacht next time.
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