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I thought I'd write a quick review about the Samana maduro robusto cigars that I have. These are hand-made in the Dominican Republic, but there doesn't seem to be much information about them anywhere.

First, the sniff test: not much aroma from the cigar; a slight (and typical) earthy tobacco smell, but noticeably weak fragrance. The construction of the cigar appeared to be firm and very well made.

After clipping the cap, the lighting was not unusual. It lit easily and even. The draw was good throughout the entire smoke, and the burn was exceptionally even and consistent. I was impressed with the quality of the assembly of this cigar. The ash was firm and remained attached for quite some time. I attached a photo of the cigar with a good inch of ash still attached.

The taste was very mild. I find my preference in cigars to be in the medium range, so this cigar was not up to my preferences. But not to take anything away from this cigar… it was a very good mild cigar. New smokers will find this cigar to be very pleasing (my wife said she enjoyed it more that most of the others I've smoked).

Summary: very good but very mild cigar. Burned evenly throughout the entire smoke with no flame-outs. Good construction.



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