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so i loaded up my newer humi(300 ct, BS more like 100) and took out 2 small dishes full of 65% climmax beads, which i placed on my windowsill. At 1am i woke up cause it was warm in my room, so i turned on the A/C went to close the window and then SHISHSIOWIHSHSHISIISHSHSHSSHHHH

HUNDREDS OF CLIMMAX BEADS WENT FLYING, i forgot to put them back in the humi! I have a hardwood floor in my bedroom, so it sounded like a giant "rainstick", my dog jumps up onto the floor and starts eatin the beads. I chased him out of the room and put him in his crate. Took out the vacuum and started to clean, but something happened and the vacuum started to emit this vomitous odor, plus it was 1am and to vacuum is rude to the neighbours. SO i left it all over the floor and went back to sleep, to clean at 7am.

moral of the story is two things

try to cover up the dish with the climmax beads, maybe cheesecloth
dont forget to put them back in the humi/or someplace you won't knock them all over the damn floor.


happy friday
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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