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For a while ago I posted about the RyJ Vintage III I got from JR in a 5 pack. They were 5" long while III supposed to be 4 1/2". All the III's I had seen before were 4 1/2".

I started to smoke the 5" ones since they settled down in my humidor. They have exactly the same great flavor as the 4 1/2" ones. Now there's no doubt. They are legit. Not seconds or fakes. I just wonder why this happend. 1/2" is too big to be the batch variation. Anyway, 1/2" is a big bonus for this size of cigars. You have about 20% more smoke!!

So, my questions are,

1: If you buy Vintage III in a box, do they come in 4 1/2"??? Or did they change the size to 5", too???

2: If you buy Vintage III from JR in 5 packs, do they always come in 5"???

If you have any recent experience, your advise is appreciated.
I'd like to buy 5" ones!!!
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