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RyJ Exhibicion #4 Review

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These cigars were from a box of 2001s produced at the ARA factory (the old Por Larranaga, I think). Their appearance was enticing: a dark wrapper, almost maduro in color, with each little robusto (somewhat squarish from box pressing) glistening with a light sheen of oil.

The stick burned very well, producing a light gray (and somewhat flaky) ash. Although the draw was a wee bit tight, "double-clutching" (a small draw followed immediately by a large one) produced copious and delicious mouthfuls of smoke. This robusto, while definitely not mild, is not a butt-kicker like the Partagas D4s CAN be; rather, it is satisfying but especially notable for its complexity. It tasted toasty and almost sweet, with perfume-y overtones. The closest flavor I can match is that of a Christmas cookie! This flavor lasted all the way down, with the strength increasing in the last half. All told, it lasted one hour and 15 minutes--a firm, well-constructed cigar.

As I haven't heard much about this puppy on these boards, I thought I'd post a review. If all boxes are as good as this one, I'd call the RyJ E4 an underrated cigar. It deserves a place in the rotation, especially if one likes robustos that burn for a respectable amount of time.
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I find this to be an interesting cigar. I have had 2 boxes, one from 99 (that is gone) and one from 97 that I am working on. The 99's had the sweet or perfumey overtones that you mention and was a quite complex and enjoyable smoke. Surprisingly, the 97's are much more earthy and one dimensional. Not a particularly great cigar. In general I am not a big robusto fan so this is only an occasional smoke for me.
i have a love-hate relationship with these... it seems i'll smoke one and think it's a great cigar, and then the next one seems bland. they're jun01s, so i figure they just need some time. i've had various singles that were pretty good, which is why i purchased a box. i still have most of the box, so we'll see what happens.
I bought a box from Aug. 02. Smoked one and bought 2 more boxes.
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