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Re: Wow!

MoTheMan said:
...2) Axing overlapping marquees ... I like the idea of eliminating special marquees, like figuerados (although I'd hate to see several fave's of mine go). Why? Because it'll be better to centralize all production to the site of greatest efficiency...
Sound good, but I don't agree. IMO the diversity is the answer to perfection. For example, the types and variety one can get from Honduran or Dominican cigar makers, and many of their best are produced by family run businesses such as Fuente, Padron and so on. Same was true for pre-Castro cigars in Cuba - great cigars, from different businesses that were in competition with each other. If Cuba ever reverts to private run businesses, then we may see true masterpieces (although this is just a pipe dream!) :c :D

Centralised production may result in more consistency and better "overall" quality - when looking at very large outputs in terms of millions - on the other hand, the individuality and distinct charachteristics of those great ones are gone forever!. These days the blends seem to get closer and closer to become one! (it would be a nightmare to have 21 Cuaba figurados to choose from!)
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