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These have always been one of my favourite 'short' smokes and I was delighted when my father in law gave me a box of these about 2 years ago. I got even more excited when I looked at the date code on the box CIARO. The only problem was that although the box was unopened, it had been kept in a drawer and had never been in a humidor.

Anyway, for the last two years they have been in my humidor and last night I smoked the first one.

The draw and burn was perfect. Plenty of smoke. Taste wise I do not think this cigar is particularly complex - but it still retains that distinctive Cuban taste. Smoked it down to the nub and it kept the taste going all the way down - none of that bitterness came along.

Overall I would rate this as a 7.5 and would recommend it for those that like a 30 minute relatively mild smoke.

The Rodster
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