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About two years ago a friend brought me back from Heathrow a box of 10 RyJ #1 De Luxe in tubes. As I recall, they were made in 1998, but as I didn't save the box I can't give the factory. I haven't seen much posted on these and thought I'd contribute a brief review.

I've just now started smoking these, and have been pleasantly surprised. Although they varied tremendously in wrapper color when removed from the tubes (I opened the tubes when I acquired them), all were extremely well constructed and had acquired a light sheen of oil.

Pre-light and post-light draw were excellent, smoke thick and copious, and the ash was spectacular: gray and rock hard, the equivalent to ash on the few Cohibas I've had. They start off mild, but about a third of the way in they become quite full-bodied and delightful. No unusual flavor notes but pure tasty, toasty Habanos flavor. Moreover, it's one of the longest-lasting coronas I've ever had--nearly an hour, and that wasn't to the butt.

I'm not a tubo man, and I don't know if recent vintages have been this good, but I wish I had a box of 25 of these! This cigar has certainly not lost any of its power over the last 5 years--unless, that is, it was a really strong cigar to begin with.

Does anybody smoke these?
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