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Having tried a 1990, I set out to try a 1992.

Nice boxpress shape, but even though it was in cellophane, a corner of wrapper was loose.

Lit up and started trying to get a taste. However, the cigar seemed to be so loose that I could barely get any smoke, and that which I did get was really light. Not mild, but just light. Lacking substance and flavor. Tasted like air.
Puffed along rather quickly, trying to get a bit more out of it. Continued on like this for almost half the cigar, basically no feedback that I was actually smoking. Then I finally started to get a bit more smoke and flavor, but it was still pretty light. Finally with only a quarter left it got slightly more powerful and complex.

So basically overall this seemed quite similar to the 1990 Robusto - was happiest being smoked fast, and really only had satisfactory flavor when it was hot. Overall, it seemed even milder than the 1990, even when I got down to around the same length.

For anyone trying an RP Vintage, I would suggest a short 1990.

Here's my 1990 Robusto review, for convenience:
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