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Rocky Patel is good brand to say the least. There are many sticks I’ve enjoyed from them. Namely, the Decade, Vintage 90 and 92. Six months ago I got an Olde World Reserve in a sample pack from CI. Its been sitting in the humi until today, I thought Id break it out and give it a try. The maduro version of the Olde World Reserve took 8th place in 2009’s line up of Cigar Aficionado’s favs. That being said, I was quite hopeful for this smoke.

Rocky Patel Corojo Robusto Olde World Reserve.

Size: 5 1/2 x 54

Shape: Robusto

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua


There was nothing spectacular about this cigar. The presentation was a little better than most. It came in a dark grayish sleeve with a RP logo on it. There were no flaws in the wrapper and nothing near that cap as well. I would give the appearance an 8/10.


The prelight draw was concerning. There was a lot of air coming down that thing, which could only mean one thing… wasn’t rolled tight enough. After doing a bit more research online about this stick I found that many others have had the same problem with this. The Olde Reserves often come not packed tightly enough and having many pockets in them, which also throw of the burning. Because of this, I had to relight the cigar often. I also think that it was burning hotter than most sticks because there was so much air being sucked in. I’d give the construction a 5/10.


Ammonia…ammonia…ammonia. From the beginning, all the way towards the end, I could taste ammonia throughout it. I could say that this was due to the construction possibly? Many times when a cigar burns hot you can taste that nasty stuff. I let it cool down and purged it, but no luck. I could also taste a grassy bitterness that left a horrible after taste. Besides these flavor, the cigar hardly had flavor. It was quite muted and boring. I would give the flavor a 6/10.


If you are paying retail for this stick, it is nowhere near worth that much. The MSRP is about $10.50. Luckily mine was about 2.5 bucks because I got it from a sample pack. If I were to do it over again, I would not even pay $2 for this stick. Don’t fall for the hype. I’d give the value a 6/10.


This cigar was horrible. I wouldn’t mind giving it another chance to redeem itself but I doubt it will. If you are going to try it, please don’t pay retail for it. I didn’t even get a chance to nub it I was so disgusted by it. Rocky Patel makes a lot of great sticks and this is not one of them. Overall I’d give this stick a 6/10. I need to go scrub my tongue now.


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Nice review. I didn't care for it either, but I LOVE the maduro.
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