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Well I had a very disappointing cigar evening last night.
I fired up the La Perla Habana BLOND toro I had sitting in the humidor to give it a try. Below is my humble review of that cigar.

Cigar Info:
Manufacturer: La Perla Habana
Cigar Name: BlOnd
Country of Origin: DR
Length: 6.25 inches
Ring Gauge: 50
Shape / Style: Toro
Wrapper Color: Natural

Pre-Smoke Notes:
Wrapper Condition: Excellent. Very few veins, those that were there were small and full length.
Wrapper Color Consistency: Excellent. No blemishes golden brown.
Smell: Smelled SOOOOoo good!
Firmness: Rather hard despite RH just over 70 in humi. Actually "clinked" when I accidently dropped into ashtray
Tobacco at a glance: Great no abrupt color changes in foot.

Mid-Smoke Notes:
Light-Up: Kind of tough to light. Figured it was due to it being to tight.
Burn: EXCELLENT even burn despite light-up trouble.
Draw: Fine
Ash: Excellent tight long solid colored ash!
temp: Nice and cool
tastes: Awful taste. HORRIBLE. See below.
Food & drink had with cigar: none

Post-Smoke Notes:
Smokable length: Sadly this cigar went out half way through and I had no urge to re-light it.
After taste: minimal

Taste Notes:
Maybe this one was way to tight but this cigar tasted horrible.
EVERYTHING about this cigar was superb...except the taste. ugh how sad.
Overpowering leather taste with a turpentine finish. No Joke. Reminiscent of paint remover.
I tried I really did, but I was relieved when it went out.
A sad turn of events for such a great LOOKING cigar. especially since I paid about 9 bucks for it!

I really would like to think that this one was a fluke, rolled to tight or something... but I won't be trying it again for a while at least.
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