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One would expect July to bring heat and humidity to NYC, but not last night. I broke from my normal routine and after dinner I headed to my spot to smoke. It was a beatiful 72 degrees, with a soft breeze. The ocean seemed higher then normal, I guess the tide at night is different then in the morning. So with the sounds of the waves crashing on shore a mere 90 yards away…

The Skinny:

Aturo Fuente Anejo #77
Origin: Domincan Republic
Size: Shark, 5 3/4″ x 56
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican

Pre-Light: The anejo wrappers are aged in oak barrels used for aging Cognac for 5 years, which results in a darker than normal maduro wrapper. The cigar is box pressed to the label, and beyond that is a normal belicoso. I was surprised to feel the foot of the cigar wasn't packed as tight as it could of been, but the rest of the cigar was nice and firm. The wrapper itself smelled a little of chocolate and there was a indescribable sweetness to it. At the foot I was able to pick up notes of cognac and a slight pepper. The pepper as usual made me sneeze like crazy. The prelight draw was sweet with hints of cognac. How I wish I had some with me for this smoke!

Smoke: So with a sailboat crossing the horizon and the setting sun creating a post card effect in the skies, I clipped the cigar with a straight cutter, and lit this baby up. For the first few drags I found the cigar leaf to be salty. I liken it to a margarita, but over time the first 1/4 inch it faded away. The initial third of the cigar was chocolate and a undefined taste. The second third the undefined taste was defined. Cognac. It amazed me that the taste was so defined. It made me crave the glass of cognac even more. As the cigar reached it final third The cognac was joined by some earthy notes.The cigar had no burn issues, and held its ash pretty well.

I could not put this cigar down. If I had a roach clip with me, I would of smoked it til there was nothing left. I actually had a slight buzz from the cigar an it was the perfect nightcap to a beautiful day. The notes were chocolate, cognac, pepper and earth. If you remember I was disappointed from the robusto, but not at all by the shark

My Local Price:
Rating: 94 (Out of 100)
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