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Recent Purchase: Davidoff Signature No. 1 Limited Edition 2023

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Recently purchased a modern rendition of this legendary classic. 39 ring gauge, large panatela vitola. Perfect construction as expected from Davidoff. Haven't smoked one yet but the nose consists of honey, cereal, and grassy notes.

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Even at 39, that’s a lot of cigar.
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A bit of cigar lore: Regardless of Davidoff calling the format/vitola "Panatela Larga" it is what we'd more commonly call a "lancero" rather than a large panetela. In fact, its dimensions and pigtail cap clearly pay homage to the most notable cigar of that name (large "L"), the one the term is coined from. Perhaps Big-D was concerned about IP infringement for some reason, though the term "lancero" has become ubiquitous in the cigar industry.
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That's one I still need to try! Also, can we talk about that awesome suit on the mannequin. That looks very fancy
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