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okay, didn't see too many reviews for this, but a lot of talk in other reviews. i wrote this the day after Halloween. was given a few cigars from a great guy on another forum, and this was my very first cuban cigar ever (i'll add another one on the monte 4, as i couldn't find one about it either)... here's my review

alrighty, my first ever cuban cigar. after lunch, in the basement with my 3 yr old watching cartoons and he's eating halloween candy (wife's at work, she can kiss my RASS about smokin indoors - it's cold outside).

feel - springy for the first half toward the foot, a bit more firm toward the bottom.

pre-light draw - a little firm, maybe due to my humi being 68*. never understood what that "barnyard aroma" meant, but now i do. sitting here sucking on an unlit cigar, never done that before, and enjoying it. (okay, i've chewed on the very thick NC HdM maduro's before lighting them)

initial taste on lighting, spice, and a little earth. another taste in the first 1/4 inch, dont know what it is, coffee grounds?? i can't believe how slow this is burning. i can see how these are addicting. i'm not one for "earthy" non-cubans, but this isn't nearly as powerful in those terms, just a hint (and that's a good thing). draw has opened up just a tad. can't comment on the ash, my 3 yr old needed me to open up his halloween candy and he nudged my ashtray, knocked the ash off.

oh yes... sittin here with a smile as i type/smoke. just mellowed out a bit, pepper/spice flavor is still there.

anyone watch billy & mandy on cartoon network? when did the grim reaper get a jamaican accent?

almost through the first 3rd, ash just dropped. the flavor still has that pepper/spice taste on the draw, then a few seconds later, changes to mild coffee grounds. (lucky for me, i like coffee flavored things). my son keeps giving me candy (the ones he drops on the floor). burn has been consistant, not perfectly straight, but it remains the same and plenty of smoke per draw.

ugh, a little past the middle of the stick and my son has to go #2 (and, no, his name isn't MONTE). he's done, and i had to do a quick re-lite. still same excellent flavor, seems like more smoke. only a little more than an inch left.. as i went upstairs with my son, my legs felt a little rubbery, could be how anxious i was to try my first cuban? maybe i'm a little weak?

still not harsh, nor hot, same flavor, but it's got me lickin my lips, rolling my tongue around. haven't had a non-cuban do that yet. most long-finish non-cubans i've had aren't the taste i want to linger around, if you know what i'm sayin.

boy, these burn sloooow.

whew.. done, i had nothing left to hold onto. don't know if i want to get up or not, but my son keeps asking to go get a "power ranger". we told him if he goes #2 in the potty he gets a power ranger, and the bribe is working...

amazingly smooth smoke. my tastes aren't refined at all, so i probably missed some flavors.

BIG THANKS to <edited> for this experience. i would not have a problem with owning a lot of these! sorry for comparing to non-cubans, the only thing i've had to date. beats them all. never rolled my tongue around like that before.

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laughing at the rubbery legs. I get that sometimes, those buggers can be strong! The box I have is from last year (I can finally say that!) and they've been uneven and harsh at times, hoping I can bury the rest of them for a while. nice review.

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Nice review IHT. A good RASS is pretty hard to beat. Probably my favorite Robusto size cigar. The ones that I have seen that are dark and oily are really dark and oily. I mean dripping. I haven't had one since last April by the pool at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas while sipping some frozen concoction and admiring the young cuties in bikinis. Very pleasant indeed!
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