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Just have to do a review about this one. Size: 50X5 (I think, anyway its a Robusto!) 124mmX 20. Looked and smelled great in the box. So I just had to smoke it. :) It was about 10 minutes ago, by the way.

My favourite size the Robusto (or is it Corona Gorda, now when I tried the H. Upmann Magnum 46?). I lit the cigar and began to smoke. Ive heard the expression "plenty of meaty smoke" and if this wasnt the case with this one I dont know anything like that. The flavours was very complex: Leathery, woody, coffe beans, a little dark chocolate, very spicy and some other flavours too with a good honey finnish. The last one I had was just wonderful, almost like heaven if you adore the Ramon Allones-flavours, which I do to a point. I mean I like it but love it? Well...

4.1-4.7 of 5.0 (Just because the last one I smoked was excellent!)

Try one, you may just like it!
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