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Not much said about this one, except being mentioned in a previous thread. Dominican Republic, 6X45 Lonsdale, natural wrapper, cedar sleaved.

Had this in the humidor for about a month, plus however long it was held by the BOTL that gifted it to me. Good looking wrapper, lit easily, nice grey/white ash and a mostly even burn; all the lags in the burn of the wrapper self corrected quickly. Draw was a little loose at first, but I stopped noticing after the first few minutes. Average to good amount of smoke volume.

After the first 1/4", I got some chocolate/leathery/tobacco that picked up throughout the smoke. Probably more of a medium body. Periodically had some spice...for a couple of moments, I thought I got some cloves, reminiscent of those horrible Kreytecs I smoked in high school. Fortunately, these moments were brief and few. No harshness or bitterness until the final 2", when this cigar decided it was through, and so did I.

Overall impression was quite favorable. I contemplated having a few of these around as a solid "nothing new in the humi and I don't want to expend any mental energy to consider what to smoke" cigar... until I saw the price tag. Less than $60 for a box of 25/ ~$3 for a single. An inexpensive, good to very good smoke! Unless your tastes lay elsewhere, I would certainly consider these a "best buy" contender.

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