One of the best things about smoking loose tobacco is the huge variety of flavors available through smoke shops, both offline and on the Internet. If you've been wanting to try something different, we've got seven loose tobaccos that we're more than happy to recommend to smokers everywhere.

These represent some of the most enjoyable available right now, some might even be considered daring gambles that paid off big time!

To the Tobacco!

This list is in no way ranked, because we love all of these tobaccos for different reasons. Whether you're a casual smoker or you have a favorite pipe with an impressive nickname, one of these will absolutely suit your smoking personality.

Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey. Whiskey tobaccos can be hard to get just right, but Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey does an excellent job of holding tight to the eight-year-old Kentucky bourbon whiskey used to flavor it. This Cavendish and Virginia mix is warm and tangy, with a mellow room note that won't send non-smokers running for the exits.

Cult Blood Red Moon. With flavors of cherry, vanilla chocolate, Cult Blood Red Moon could quickly become your favorite tobacco. The Cavendish style tobacco comes loose, but you can also get it ready to go as 4.7"x 44 cigars, complete with Ecuador Habano wrappers. It's smooth enough to smoke any time, even under a blood-red moon.

Daughters & Ryan Three Sails. Are you looking for springtime in a tobacco? Look no further than Three Sails. With notes of hay and citrus, spring is in the air, in your pipe or rolling paper and deep in your lungs. The smooth, flavorful, flue-cured tobacco has a distinct room note that will turn the coldest nights into warm, spring days.

East India Trading Company Cellar Reserve. There's nothing that pairs better with a cigar than rum, but if you're smoking loose tobacco, it's awfully messy to pair the two. Enter East India Trading Company Cellar Reserve, a blend of Burley, Virginia and Cavendish tobaccos, accented with aged rum and finished with a note of Perique, adding a dark fruit and spice note.

Norman Rockwell Portrait. Nothing says "Americana" like Norman Rockwell paintings, unless it's a truly American Burley tobacco blend with chocolate notes. From the moment you open the tin, through your entire smoke, the hazelnut aroma has the staying power to go the distance.

Scotty's Bulk Blends Angler's Dream. You don't have to be a fisherman to enjoy Angler's Dream, but it sure won't hurt anything. This Burley, Virginia and Cavendish blend dropped traditional flavors and opted instead for notes of honey, chocolate, and cinnamon, perfect for a twilight smoke on your nearest dock.

Sutliff Vanilla Custard. What's not to love about Vanilla Custard, especially when it comes in the form of a loose tobacco? The buttery-sweet, smooth Burley blend is rich, with an amazing room note that has tobacco aficionados coming back again and again.

There's no end to the creativity going into today's tobacco blends, but there's plenty to be said for old favorites, too. Having a variety at your fingertips ensures that not only will you have the perfect blend to suit your mood, but you'll have plenty to share a little with friends who just have to know what that glorious thing is that you're smoking.

What are your favorite tobacco blends?

Flavored or not, we want to know all about them!