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Brand: Puros Indios
Series: Viejo Maduro
Vitola: Toro 6x52
Drink: Vitamin Water Lemonade then Water

Prelight: A sweet tobacco taste, and when I say sweet, this time I mean VERY sweet. I swear I can almost taste something like a candy cane in there. I could be losing my mind though. Lighting with standard kitchen matches, letting them burn for a moment to get rid of sulphur before putting to the foot.

First: Getting a little pepper at the beginning that seems to be hanging out just on the tip of the tongue. Mostly it is just a very mild sweet tobacco that isn't very exciting.

Second: Still a little pepper on the front of the tongue. Not much change here. Definitely a beginner friendly smoke but it is neither strong nor interesting. You could say it is monotone.

Third: I go ahead and put this cigar out because a hail storm has suddenly rolled in.

Construction: Was good construction. Burn got a little wavy but self corrected. No issues with the construction.

Overall: One flavor profile that never really changed. Very mild in strength and flavor. Not for me, but if you are sensitive to flavors and like things consistently bland (like unflavored oatmeal lovers) this might be for you.


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Looks like you're doing some PI reviews...this is one of my 'go to' inexpensive cigars that I started smoking a few years ago. I have some that are over 2 years old and really smoke nice...the melding of the overall flavor profile rewards those who can just put them to pasture for a year or so...a different cigar than your review. The pepper is subdued and the maduro becomes nice and sweet and mellow...a great morning or midafternoon cigar with coffee.
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