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Puff NC Make a Wish - MAW 3.1

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This is a traditional "Make a Wish" or MAW designed to afford members the opportunity to try "new to them" cigars on their wish list in exchange for fulfilling other members wishes.

It goes like this: If you can fulfill another member's currently posted wish by sending them at least a few of the cigars on their list you claim it and send them the cigars. Once those cigars arrive you become the next to post your own wish list, which hopefully someone will soon fulfill. And on it goes…

A designated monitor will handle day-to-day operations, such as instructing members when to post their wish-list, etc…

MAW 3.1 Rules:
1. NC's only - Cuban cigars are not permitted

2. To claim a list, you must be able to supply from 2 to 5 cigars from their wish-list

3. You may also include up to 3 additional cigars not on their list

4. If you claim another's wish-list you must ship within 1-week, else it will be put back in play

5. When fulfilling a wish, post the tracking number directly after shipping, but please wait until the cigars actually arrive to post your own wish list.

6. As a receiver you should verify receipt of cigars when they arrive, preferably posting a photo (note: if the receiver fails to do so the MAW Monitor may verify through tracking instead)

7. You may not claim the next wish-list of the person who fulfilled your wish (A>B>C, not A>B>A), though you may do so on a later cycle

8. You may NOT pass your wish to other members

9. Your wish-list should include 10 or more items, and at the very least include brand names, if not specific series and individual cigars you'd like to receive. Saying "anything you think I'd like" or such does not qualify as a wish-list item (that's already covered by the off-list option - see #3), but there is no limit to the number of cigars you may list as wishes.

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I just almost jumped on it but, I'm reasonably sure I won't make 1 week to ship deadline.
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Oh man this thread is jumping now.

Looks like my prediction was right, the new rules killed it.

Well that and the most active players were run off or left in disgust.

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