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JR Cigars Description
Introducing Psychedelic Turtle Dojo 2 by Espinosa Cigars, an exciting new follow up to the original blend produced by Cigar Dojo the largest cigar social media platform, and the famed Espinosa Cigar Company. This second installment, once again made exclusively for yours truly— JR Cigar, features the finest premium tobaccos carefully rolled at AJ Fernandez’s prestigious San Lotano factory in in Ocotal, Nicaragua.

The first thing you’ll notice about this top-notch 5 x 56 cigar, is its silky-smooth Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper that’s oozing with plenty of surface oils. Under the hood, is a selection of Nicaraguan tobaccos harvested from the top growing regions of the country. This includes a Jalapa binder, and long fillers from the Condega, Jalapa, and Ometepe, that all leads to rich, bold flavors of chocolate, sweet spice, leather, earth, and espresso.

Each cigar is adorned with a colorful ribbon before being placed in funky looking bundles of 10 emblazoned with a picture of everyone’s favorite Psychedelic Turtle. Plus, 10 Golden Tickets to La Zona Palooza are hidden in the bundles! This fun project between Espinosa, AJ Fernandez, and JR Cigar is available in limited edition quantities with only 500 bundles of 10 ever made! We highly suggest that you get your hands on some, so that you don’t miss out on this JR Exclusive one time offering
Cigar Dojo Announcement
Cigar Dojo and Espinosa Premium Cigars have reunited to showcase a fresh take on the duo’s offbeat pet project, introducing the Psychedelic Turtle II.

What are the ingredients of a great blockbuster sequel? More color, more action, more EVERYTHING! All the while sprinkling in familiar callbacks to the original… what’s not to love? This is the Psychedelic Turtle II in a nutshell, or halfshell, if we may.

Psychedelic Turtle II brings back the vibrant feel and turtle-pressed shape of the original Psychedelic Turtle cigar, now boasting high-grade tobaccos from the vaults of A.J. Fernández and his northernmost factory of Ocotal, Nicaragua. This includes selections from Nicaragua’s Condega, Ometepe, and Jalapa growing regions, used throughout the filler. This recipe is bound in a Jalapa leaf and finalized with a Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper, taking the experience into darker and uncharted territory.

“In 2019 we released the Psychedelic Turtle, and it was one of our more unique and fun projects we have collaborated on. We really wanted to revisit the cigar but make it even better, and the Espinosa team came up with a blend that, in my opinion, could be one of their very best,” commented Eric Guttormson, owner of Cigar Dojo.

Psychadelic Turtle II continues where the original left off, releasing the cigars in multicolored bundles; for this release, the selections are: Sublime, Go-Mango, Panther Pink, Top Banana, and Plum Crazy. This now continues to the foot decoration, where each bundle contains cigars bound in Sublime, Go-Mango, Turquoise Turtle, Top Banana, and Plum Crazy ribbons. And as with the original 2019 release, Psychedelic Turtle II bundles have randomly been stuffed with the rare golden ticket prize of an invite to Espinosa’s 2021 La Zona Palooza festival, held at the company’s headquarters in Hialeah, FL (*offer for event only, airfare and lodging not included). While there were only three tickets in the 2019 release, there will be 10 tickets in circulation for Psychedelic Turtle II.

Erik Espinosa, owner of Espinosa Premium Cigars, commented, “Just like Sarsaparilla, when the Dojo and Espinosa get together, we make magic. Here is the new Psychedelic Turtle with a delicious dark wrapper, which makes this Turtle even more funky than before.

It’s delicious, and for an extra treat, a ticket to LZP21.
Tobacco Composition



Wrapper Type
Mexican Maduro

Nicaraguan Jalapa



Medium - Full

Wrapper Shade
First Thoughts
Strong aromas of earth, leather, and a hint of espresso both on the cold draw and from the foot. Wrapper is not as oily as some other cigars I've had and had a slightly gritty texture. If anything like the first Psychedelic Turtle, I'm in for a treat. Telling myself not to smoke this one too fast as I'm moving the lawn and to focus on the flavor notes.

First third carries over the earthly and leather notes. Small bit of baking spice. Can't quite put my pallet to it. Burn is straight and clean. DE esque rich, creamy, voluptuous smoke output.

Flavorites for the first third continue, espresso and a slight hazelnut coming through on the retro. Earth and leather still the shining profile. As the final third approached, a small ammonia flavor beginning rear it's head.

Ammonia coming in strong but wanting to fight through as a sweet chocolatey flavor is present. Tastes almost like a salted chocolate covered pretzel with a hint of cinnamon. The burn continues to be perfect and smoke output is still strong.

Smoking Time:
1 hour and 15 minutes

Overall Impressions:
This cigar could have lived up to the hype and it's calling but the ammonia becoming so strong down the stretch really ruined it for me. That doesn't mean I won't smoke it again, as these were relatively ROTT. I did dry box them from Tuesday-Friday but that wasn't enough. The cigars are just a little too fresh. I'm sure with 3-4 months of rest they'll be just as good as they should be and I hope to see more of those final third flavors. On the first run of these (2019) I was only able to grab one bundle (10 cigars) and I only have 2 left. This time around I grabbed 2 bundles (20 cigars) before they sold out in hopes that they would be as good, if not better.

6/10 - great cigar, just need some rest



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Good review. Gonna need to find me one and then patiently wait. And is that 'The Dreaming Tree' on your lighter?

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Good review. Gonna need to find me one and then patiently wait. And is that 'The Dreaming Tree' on your lighter?
Yes they'll need some rest. I have heard from a few that they had the same experience with the ammonia at the end.

Its the tree of life casing on the lighter. Tree of Life
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