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- Skip the the end for the short version!

Alright, so what are the general tips? Candles, never heard of incense, but I'm sure it's been mentioned. What else? Air purifiers, obviously, specifically ones with ozone production, high ozone production. Exhaust fans are also a good way to go, and um... well you know the rest.

So, here's what I do! My apartment has no windows which can be fit with an exhaust fan, my air conditioner has an exhaust mode, but I've never found it too useful. I do however have hardwood floors which is helpful... Generally I'll just close off as much as I can when I smoke, then the morning after I'll grab a sponge mop and go over the floor, wipe down the tables, etc - it takes about 20 minutes when I'm super thorough.

Most of these air purifiers produce ions which basically make the smoke fall out of the air, which it will do anyway, but whatever. That means the smoke is still there on your floor - clean it up! You'll even notice it there the morning after if you wipe a finger across it. I usually leave a couple windows open, though they are fairly separate from where I smoke (kitchenette/bathroom) as my living room only has a huge front door/window. Oh, and I'll let my air purifier run on away mode for 6-8 hours while I sleep (separate room, door sealed).

The proest tip I've found though is placing my air purifier next to the ash tray as I smoke, it sucks the resting smoke in and removed it from there air along with any ash fumes. I usually keep it under my coffee table, so it's easy for me, and it's not a huge box, so whatever... It just kind of struck me one day as a smart thing to do and it's helped quite a lot.

So do all that, and leave windows/doors open while you wipe up and you should be all good by midday. I've had five friends over and gone through a good eight larger cigars and two packs of cigarettes only to find out a lady friend was coming over the following evening, a lady friend who hates the smell of smoke (I know, right?) and she actually commented on how nice it was that I didn't let people smoke inside.

I do have a big cloth couch, which I hit with Fabreeze - leather would be better, but this was free, so whatever. Um... I think that's just about everything, I hide towels in cabinets and stuff... but yeah, basically this has been great. I'd say the key is wiping down surfaces, so do that and you should be in the clear, so long as there isn't anyone who hates cigars there at the time.

I know these rules might not apply to many of you as, from what I read when this used to be Club Stogie, most of you are married, but hey, thought I would share. Here's a picture of my ashtray next to the air purifier, I have new filers on the way, I know it looks gross.

Oh, and the purifier is a Green Machine from eBay (eBay Store - JB Innovative Products Inc: air purifier, crib sets, kids cars), which has been pretty good. It produces enough ions to arc if you touch the plastic on the front (no metal there, so definitely ions) FYI and the battery in the remote died in like 3 weeks, but I don't use it anyway due to placement. The only other purifier I've used is the... um... the ozone one marketed for cigars, Csonka? However you spell it... it sucked, for me anyway... then again, I can't use exhaust fans and stuff so that's that.

Anyway, that's a huge wall of text!

TL;DR - Air purifier next to your ashtray, leave a window open or something, empty your ashtray from time to time (between cigars or something), run super ozone mode over night, wipe down tables/floor/surfaces/etc, fabreeze cloth furniture if you haven't upgraded to leather (do that if you can) if you do wipe it too! Air your shit out while you wipe it down, and you should be good to go!

EDIT: The cigar is a Gurkha Titan.


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