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Hi Guys thank you for your input. I did that when I first moved here last year. The first time I used it, the cigars was way over humidified. The reading of the set and forget was 70 but I later put in another Hydro and it read 90!!!!!! So I immediately took out everything and moved it to a temp place. I later found out that the Set and Forgot was 21% RH off!!! I asked Bob about it and he said some times in very RARE cases, the set and forget could drift by as much as 20% after 3-5 years. After that time I started to look for other option. One thing to point out is that the humidity here in Hong Kong is almost always above 70%. Usually in the 80's + I found that I have to constantly have aircon and dehumidifier on so that the internal temp and RH wont shoot up.

Currently the cabinet is roughly 60% full, with most of the sticks and boxes in ziplock bags. Should I not use the ziplocks?

So what should I do? Should I not use the beads?

Thanks a lot guys for your help :)
You could always us the unit and just adjust it for the % it is off or you could just use the HF beads. Of course you could also use them both but you still need to make the adjustment to the set and forget unit.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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