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I’m going to start a pass of premium cigars (NCs)
This is for cigars OVER $10 in value or higher
This won’t be a pass for those looking to take a $12 cigar and replace it with two $6 cigars
This will be like for like exchange. If you take a $15 cigar then replace it with one of equal or better value
The purpose here is to allow access to limited production or limited edition cigars or higher end cigars and to offer the same in return
For example, you may have a box of Davidoff but have never had access to a Pork Tenderloin or you might have some T110s but have never had a Bishop’s Blend
Value is based on box purchase at the time of availability
Any disputes as to value or equity will be settled at my discretion
All exchanges must be submitted and cleared before the pass can continue
I will start the pass with a box of 25 cigars, many of which are not currently available or are higher end
Anyone interested, and there may not be many, can sign up here
You must be an established member in good standing to participate

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For those on the fence about this, keep in mind that I will be sending out 25 cigars ranging in value from $11 to $22
The vast majority of these will be concentrated on the lower end of the range
Many will be $11 or $12 cigars
I know most of y’all established members have $12 cigars out there
Right @Rondo ?

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Take as many as you want Chris
As long as you have the sticks to replace them
If you take a holy grail cigar, replace it with one
The goal here is to try something special that you may not have had before, while offering the same to others

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Awesome sounds good I am in! Sounds like fun thank you

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I did a random number generator for the pass order:

1. @Humphrey's Ghost
2. @Mich_smoker
3. @haegejc
4. @Rondo
5. @OneStrangeOne
6. @Wheels Up
7. @TheRealQuincy
8. @BlueRidgePuffer
9. @bearinvt
10. @Humphrey's Ghost

Please PM your address to the person in front of you so this can run smoothly and promptly.

I will start the pass with 25 cigars
In ascending order of value:

BLTC Araposa Negra - $11
Warped Companion - $11
Rojas Bearded Chef - $11
CH Las Calaveras 2020 - $11
Rojas KSG Lonsdale - $12
Southern Draw Metamorphosis - $12
CH Las Calaveras 2017 - $12
Cavalier Geneve LE 2021 - $12
Viaje Omakase 2019 - $12
EZ Ninjabread Man - $13
Bishops Blend 2021 - $13
Rojas Big Spoons - $13
EZ Chicken & Waffles - $13
EZ Hypnotiq - $14
Saka Red Meat Lovers - $14
BLTC Flor de Cesar Red - $14
EZ Pecan Pie - $14
EZ Green Army Men - $15
EZ Makin Bacon - $15
Saka Sin Compromiso - $16
Opus X XXX Belicoso - $17
TAA Padron Black 89 - $18
Warped El O s o Mama - $18
Saka NLMTHA - $19
Padron 90th Maduro - $22

I threw in the Opus so Steve wouldn't ask where the Fuentes were, but I don't have any Pinks or Purples or any other colors from the sixties.

I will also include a bag of 12 hitchhikers. Take one if you wish. Replace it if you want to, it's not required. This will be on the honor system. We are all adults here. Mostly.
There are some cool sticks in the hitchhikers. They are mostly $9 - $10 cigars.

Please don't over-handle the cigars if you don't intend to exchange for them. Pack them securely when you send them on.

I will hold a drawing at the end for the cigars that are left.

I will get this out to Jeff by Thursday.

Thanks for playing.

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In other passes I’ve participated in, we were allowed to drop a bomb in the box for someone down the line. Others it wasn’t permitted.
What say you, Ghost? It’s your circus.
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