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Played poker again tonight; lost my ass, I could hit any cards at all. Ah well, I had some nice smokes while there:

Cusano Hermanos Maduro -- This was a stick that was given to me by someone... I sparked it up, and it tasted okay, a bit like dirt. It got sort of unpleasant an inch into it, so I lit up another cigar hoping the guy who gave it to me didn't notice. He did -- so I switched back to the Cusano and smoked it down, trying to act gracious. It wasn't the worst smoke I've ever had, but it was up there (or rather "down there")

Añejo No.49 (2002) -- I usually love these cigars, and while this Añejo was pleasant, it didn't have that nice semi-sweet and spicy flavor that I love in an Añejo. Maybe the Cusano destroyed my palate, or perhaps this Añejo was just a bit "off". Still pleasant, but this one wasn't much above an average cigar, IMHO.

Montecristo Salomones II (2003) -- This cigar is from a special humidor SA issued in 2003. It's a pretty large cigar for a Montecristo, both in terms of length and girth. It was enjoyable, with some nice grassy/leathery flavors, but I was unfortunately not that impressed. I think it is too young; the rest of these will be rested for a year or two before I revisit them.

Opus X Perfection No.2 (2002) -- By far the best cigar of the night, this Opus was just on. Love 'em or hate 'em, no one can deny that Opus X's have a very distinctive flavor, and this baby had it in spades. It was right between the spice of youth and the mellowness of old age, and left a wonderful flavor and tingle in my mouth. The first cigar that I said "yum" to all the while smoking it down.

Gurkha Platinum (2003) -- I very much enjoy some Gurkha cigars, such as the Legend and Master Select Maduros, and I've had this cognac-infused Gurkha platinum before. It didn't do that much for me then, but I figured I'd give it another shot. I think this is a cigar that smells better than it tastes; the wrapper is nice, the aroma is wonderful, but as soon as you light it up, something just goes wrong. The flavor isn't terrible, it's just... weird. I put this out less than halfway through

Padrón 1964 Anniversary Imperial Maduro (2003) -- Holding on for dear life, trying to earn my money back in Texas Hold 'em, I sparked up a PAM. Usually I love these cigars, but my taste buds were fried by now so that I just enjoyed it. Didn't hate it, didn't love it, but it was pleasant.

So that's it. Lost my money. Lost my taste buds. Had fun tho. :)
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