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So this guy is sitting at a bar in the convention hall when in walks this gorgeous, I mean GORGEOUS, woman who sits down right next to him. The man is astonished by her beauty and tries to get up the nerve to start a conversation with her.

"Are you here on business?" he asks.

She says "Yes. As a matter of fact, Im here for the Annual Nymphomaniac Convention being held this weekend."

He can't believe his ears and asks, "And what kind of 'business' role are you doing for this convention?"

She replies, "Well, I'm actually a speaker for a seminar in the convention entitled "The Myths of Sex and Sexuality in Our Society Today." She continues, "For example, it's a commonly held belief that the African American man is the one who is gifted with the largest *****, when in fact, it is actually the American Indian. And it has been said for many generations that the French men are the best lovers of the world, when it is actually the Jewish men." She paused and said, "I do apologize. Here I am blabbing away and I haven't even asked your name or told you mine."

The man smiles and says, "Tonto. Tonto Goldstein."
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