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I purchased two Pinars out of sheer curiosity. I smoked the longer one last night. The look of both cigars and their pre-aroma was excellent. The reason I chose to smoke the longer one was because the shorter of the two was more “wet”. I believe the shorter was made from the middle of the tobacco bag, where the tobacco is wet and well kept, whereas the longer one seemed to have come from the outer/dryer portion of the tobacco supply. I figured I would let the “wetter” one age a bit more (even though it’s already ancient according to the advertisement). Pinar claims they used real Cuban tobacco from before the embargo. The company claims that the tobacco was stored and aged perfectly. I am here to tell you it was not! It might have been Cuban at one time or another, but it isn’t anymore. This cigar was a chore to smoke, and I didn’t even finish it. My light up was very even, and I cut (didn’t punch) the other end. The draw was decent, but the burn needed constant adjustment. The ash was dirty (from lack of a better word) and weak, and the ash grew at an upward angle. I tried adjusting the depth of my cut, but no matter what I did the cigar burned wayyy too hot. There were inconsistencies in the filler and the smell wasn’t very nice. Some people have said they enjoy the Pinars, but I don’t see how. Maybe if you like your cigars hot/harsh, but other than that leave your curiosity at the door and forget this cigar. It is no where near the ranks of a real Cuban. I give this cigar a 2 out of 5, just because the draw wasn’t bad, and because of how the cigar was before I lit it:). After I put it out, a person I had met on my night out offered me a few drags on his black label Cohiba from the Dominican. It was excelllllllent, I wish I had bought that instead, but hey trial and error is the name of the game. I didn’t have enough time with the Cohiba to write a review, but I am definitely going to try one.

- Von


I will also give Pinar one last chance with the shorter cigar, but I’m going to carry a spare just in case it also sucks.
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