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With all the endless possibility's for chops of this photo

I wanted to open a contest for the best photoshop job. The chop may be from any photo taken during the justinphilly Labor Day herf but can only be of members.

My unedited photos are at Link
You are welcome to use any other photos from the herf if they are posted.

The prize will be a selection of cigars from my collection plus a bonus tailored to the winner. I will also donate 100 cigars to the troops for Dave's participation. If the winning photo is of another member, they will also get a prize. (I have never had a complaint about my prizes and this contest will be no exception)

1) you must have a minimum of 50 posts/10RG
2) your chop must be from a picture taken during justinphilly's Labor Day herf.
3) deadline 9/16/07 at midnight eastern time
4) No offensive pictures.
5) please host your entries on a 3rd party host(ie photobucket) and link them here.
6) enter as ofter as you want but only one entry per post.
7) photo must be posted in this thread

The winner will be chosen by Dave and myself.

*rules subject to change without notice
1 - 20 of 69 Posts
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