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When you buy a Drac or Boris keep a look out for something like this. If you find one, the back of the ticket will tell you what to do. Good luck in your search.

Johnson isn't finished, however. He's also giving away a motorcycle as part of this year's Halloween promotion. "We came up with this last year," Johnson noted. "It's a Ducati Monster (696) and we're going Willy Wonka to select the winner.

"There are 13 spooky tickets inside boxes of The Drac. There's no purchase necessary, but if you find one of the 13 tickets and register it online, you have a 1-13 chance to win the bike. We know a lot of these cigars are given as gifts and retailers will open a lot of boxes before they put the cigars on the shelf and we're fine that they are eligible to win as well."
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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