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Manny is just the most recent example of the prevalance of PEDs.

Guys, PEDs go much deeper than pro sports. If any of you have insight into college baseball you will admit it is there too. It seeps down from the majors through AAA, AA, A and instructional leagues clear into college ball. And it isn't just baseball, it is prevalent throughout all sports.

Florida just quit testing for high school steroid use because in 2 years they found very little evidence. The problem is the kids in high school have moved beyond steroids. Florida's test was too narrow in scope and didn't search for any of the modern PEDs. these kids have moved beyond just roids.

A coach recommended, and I agree, they should take a year of just blood samples and see what is in the student athletes system and then test for those.

I have 3 sons. All play sports, the oldest is in college and the younger two are in high school. My freshman son can sit and tell you about cycling (on and off supplements and PEDs), masking (the test results) and outright cheating the tests. They learned all this from their high school buddies. And no, my sons don't use PEDs or anything else. I know their body weight within 2 pounds every day (the youngest 2 wrestle) and I know their maxes in weightifting. Any spike at all and I would be questioning them.

It isn't even a well kept secret. My sons know who is on the juice in their school and some of the athletes from other schools they compete against. I was at a friends house recently and his son told me an athlete from our school that got a scholarship to play baseball is on the juice and I had coached the young man. I came home asked my oldest son if it was true and he confirmed it was. I was floored. This was not a young man who needed athletics to escape poverty. He is a straight A student that could have gotten an academic scholarship.

I guess this rant is just a request for everyone in charge of athletics at all levels to crack down on this seriously. Quit making excuses, quit dancing around the issue and go after it for real. Make every high school athlete take mandatory testing, and carry that through all the way through college into the pros. if you want to stamp it out, you can, but you have to want too!!!

If you are on here and you are a high school coach, member of a state athletic governing body, or working in athletics through the college level, give it some thought. It has to come from the grass roots because the pressure to win and money involved is too great otherwise.

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I think it's a travesty, and is ruining the spirit of the game.

My favorite comment on the subject comes from Lewis Black, who joked that (paraphrasing), "These days all the baseball players are using performance enhancing drugs. Back in the day, all the great players used performance HURTING drugs. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, these guys were DRUNKS!"

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+ 1 Sir!

I agree completely with you.

Also, hats off to you for the great job you are doing with your sons.

It won't let me give you any RG, but you sure do deserve it for this well written post.

With my regards, Dafiddla

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When i was in high school we didnt have a senior who weighed over 200lbs now they are pushin out kids well over 300lbs...doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out whos usin what. Its tough to pack on 60lbs in the summer break by just eating Wheaties! On the other hand tho.......if these guys are gonna be getting paid 5 million a year to hit a little ball I say screw it and let em use!!! If they are worth that much i wanna see em hit that ball as far as the eye can see! Lets face it....these guys arent roll models anyhow...they are for other guys to make loads of money. The day of kids lookin up to sports figures is over in my eyes. I was always taught to look up to those that are important....your parents and grandparents.
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