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wow, that sucks.

i normally don't reply to non-habanos reviews, not that i'm snobby, i'm just not smoking them/buying them often.

i have had one or two of these, and thought they were great. one was a gift from a good buddy, he had it in his humi for a few days.

sometimes, when i get a cigar from a shop, they're way too wet. i highly suggest getting another and letting it set for 2 weeks.

PERDOMO'S are notorious for being WAAAAAY TOOOOO WEEEETTTT when you get them. but trust me, bring your humidity down from 70% to at least 68% or less, let 'em sit for a while...

i bought a few of the famed "perdomo2" and LOVED the flavor, when i could get smoke. they were too wet to smoke, but i was a newbie. i read some stuff on another site about perdomo's, and other have said that you have to let them set. i did just that, and 2 months later, they were like smoking a choco capuccino.

i wouldn't mind having some more of those, i thought they were pretty good.
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