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PDR (Pinar Del Rio)1878 Cubano Especiale Maduro

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder: Dominican Criollo
Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan
Size: Robusto 5x52
Strength: Medium
Paired with Coffee

Picked this particular stick up during one of my local B&Ms visits. I am a sucker for how a cigar looks, so I decided I wanted to give this one a try. At the time of purchase, it even had a very slight sheen of plume on it, so I thought, bonus. Being it was a maduro, it was very dark, almost reddish-brown, color to it and was complimented nicely by a washed out black and silver band. Slightly veiny appearance, a little bumpy to the feel, but constructed well with a curly pigtail.

The cigar lit easily and first puffs gave a slight pepper hit through the nose with an earthy, dark chocolate/coffee and I want to say hints of cinnamon taste. After the first inch, the pepper dies away leaving the before mentioned flavors behind.

These flavors pretty much stay the same until you start getting towards the end of the second third where the flavors really pick up, the dark chocolate became more of a sweeter cocoa flavor, and I started getting more of the pepper that was experienced in the beginning. This is one of those cigars that the ending is worth waiting for, and yes, I smoked it to the nub.

This cigar gave out plenty of smoke and felt creamy throughout. It had a slightly flaky light gray ash that usually held for about an inch and a quarter. Actually I ended up wearing most of the ash in my lap since this cigar did not give me any hint that it was ready to let go. I only had to touch up the burn once, but after that it burnt pretty evenly. Definitely not a powerful cigar, but one I would recommend for sure.

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Great review, great pictures.

I smoked my first one of these last Friday. I think Coffee would be a good pairing with this stick, I was drinking Knob Creek and I think it was a bit overpowering, looking forward to trying another soon.
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