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I'll admit it, I got off on the wrong foot with this Cigar. Happens when the rings peel off slabs of wrapper, all the more so with this two ring circus of wrapper tearing evil. There were also three holes which looked like beattle bore-holes, raising the stress level. (I inspected the cellophane with a mag and no holes there)...The pigtail was hanging on by a thread & I just pulled it off & fired up...So I'm smoking this and holding it like a recorder, fingertips covering holes, nude patches getting bigger, and something funny happened: In my hatred for this sloppily built stick I had smoked it down to 1/2 inch! Flavor was sort of nutty/woody, very mild, about like a Mac without the grassiness, more flavor than a MOW Virtue. Construction issues aside, this would be about a $2.25 Cigar for me, and I believe many people would enjoy this Cigar...Construction issues aside...
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