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My apologies in advance for the lack of sophistication and referential power, but I thought a newb's view on a couple of cigars might be fun, and it gives me the opportunity to document my growing appreciation for finer tobacco.

Pdr 1878 capa oscuro, 6 inch and probably over 50 gauge (you definitely know there's something in your mouth with this thing). From my first try with this cigar I was pleased with the flavor and quality of the cigar, though in all I found it mild enough to be right on the edge of too mild for my tastes. It looks like a beast, but comes on like a pussy cat. Nonetheless I was pleased enough to decide that this cigar needed a permanant, albeit minor, presence in my humidor henceforth.

The second one of these I had was an interesting experience. My wife and I had set out to the patio to enjoy an evening cigar after a BBQ, she choose one of the PDR Capa Oscuro's I had on hand, and I went with the PDR 1878 Maduro (black label). My experience with the Maduro left me a little flat the draw was too tight and I just wasn't getting much flavor out of it (which the guys down at Tims assured me was a fluke and they even comped me a new one to prove it), and the Oscuro was proving to be a bit strong for my non-cigar smoking hunny. So about 40 minutes or so in she asked for a draw of my maduro, and I took a draw off of this red label, and after a single draw we decided to switch.

Now on this red label the flavors were much more pronounced, it still had almost all the same smoothness as the first one, but it had more leathery/tobacco flavor and far more body than I recalled the first one as having. This one I enjoyed all the way down to the nub, lots of flavor, lots of smoke and everything I feel like a cigar should be.

So then the other night I sat down for a cigar, and since my first order from CBid had just arrived and I felt they needed a bit of time in the humi to soften up before smoking, I opted to give the PDR Red label another shot. this one though was back to the more mild, smooth without any particular standout bite or prominent flavor. Still a very nice smoke, with gobs of white smoke, and some light nice spicy notes. I started this one with scotch, but about half way through it (the point where I took off the bands and realized I still had 4 inches of cigar left to enjoy) I switched over to Baileys. Once again Baileys proves to be the key to making a good cigar into something great! The sweet cream of the Baileys countered the dry white pepper flavor of the cigar and just made everything extra smooth, and the wetness of the beverage seemed to open the palate and allowed the flavor of the smoke to become full and wonderful.

So I'm not sure if the variations are inherent in the cigar, or if they are the result of having an immediate basis for comparison, but regardless this is a quality smoke that I look forward to enjoying many many more of.
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