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Partagas Salomon
7.24" x 57

It has become all too apparent that you need to be cautious with just how well you treat your friends. Summary.. I have a budy who got together with me when he was new to the world of cigars and I regularly "shook him up" with the best cigars I could aqiure. I just found out the worm turns quite faster than expected.

Vik showed up to the house saturday morning and the weather was splendid he sat down and I stated I had the mornings first cigar. There was abit of a tussle as he stated NO I have it...
Nice try my freind but here...

We enjoyed a couple monte joyitas to start the day. Again he looked quite impressed with the volumes of flavor emiting from such a small cigar! Hehe ( I thought to myself got him again!) [it truly is a strange kind of thing - to see who can get who the best!]

He looks at me after those where done and said you ready?
I was kinda like for what? At that point my mind recalled the Taunting that I had recieved via a PM from Vik about 5 days earlier.
"I got something in my hand and your gonna get it!"

[what could he be up too? - I dismissed it as typical verbal bs..]

He then whipped out 2 Partagas Salomon's and said I figgured you haven't had one of these yet... The bastage got me. and got me good!

We each decided to take notes and we discussed the cigars as we embarked on the journey of these gars.

The look of the cigar was grand indeed the sheen of the wrapper and the feel of it - was solid everywhere no soft spots. The scent of the cigar was a nice smooth partagas type scent. GRADE AAA construction. I grabbed the clipper and took it to task, nice clip no tails nor trailers. mmmm

I then did the obligitory prelight draw test. This cigar had a firm draw - not plugged simply a firm draw. I like that type of a gar.

I smelled the cut end and I really cant describe it exactly it was a combination of a good aged leaf and something I just couldnt identify.

I lit up the end ever so carefully and was introduced to a new scent in a cigar I had yet to experience...and the flavor all together. Hmm it certainly made me stop and contemplate the world. (this is one of the main reasons I enjoy cigars right here)

I puffed away a few more times and here is the best I can describe it.
A smooth roasted nutty type flavor with a hint of the tropical fruitiness found in maybe a espandido - yet with undertones that where contstant - and mysterious.

[Kind of like if you can imagine what the the undertones of 10% of the flavors in juicy-fruit gum mixed with a butter roasted almond slices with a hint of black pepper would smell like]

This cigar was treating me to various flavors as it went and it had not even become all the way lit yet. It was still working twards the main body of the cigar!

I did notice that I became real quiet while going through these flavors. I would discuss the falvors and what it was like with Vik and he would share the experience of his with me. [his was a smoother draw with a much more smooth mild flavoring at first]

The Smoke, Although the draw was firm there where ample ammounts of rich luxurious smoke, and it was smooth. Each draw would provide a great volume.

It carried a disctinct nose [smell] that is for sure, the scent burning was so inviting. It just announced that good cigars where in the house!

As I smoked it, the cigar kept changing - and not subtle changes either they where traumatic changes that actually made me take notice right away. About 1/4 into the cigar it kinda of exploded into a flavor bomb of much richer and bolder flavors A strong nutmeg type roasted almond in butter flavor went right to work.

The ash on this cigar was a solid ash dark grey to black that would have probably hung on to win any long ash contest.

THe flavors while smoking this continued to provide a multidimensional treat never becoming harsh nore bitter. As I got twards the end of this smoke it was spectacular in body and flavor. I detected a more of a peppery finish to the mix I already described.

All In all I was quite happy to experience this cigar. It is my belief that every experienced cigar smoker should at least try one of these if you can. They are a truly distinct cigar that has to be smoked to be appreciated. Looking at a cigar in a box as a collector is a nice thing, but to me life is far to short to try and "save" things for that special time.

Thanks for reading.


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Was this a Partagas Salomon from the dress box (Partagas red banded) or was it a Partagas blend Salomone that one of our vendors sells? I personally love them both but they are totally different smokes. Picked up a dress box about six months ago and have had two or three of them. They are much smoother and a bit less strong than the blended ones which are much fuller bodied, darker in appearance and spicy. Both should age very well I hope since I've put them away for awhile. I did find that the Part Dress Salomon was similar in taste to the Cuaba Salomon-very smooth and creamy.

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Wow. This is my first post here since the new software change. I'll have to stop by more often.

mcgoospot: it was the blend that one of our vendor sells.

Booker enjoyed his, but my experience wasn't quite as tasty. The cigar was probably the best looking/feeling ISOM that i have ever seen, but that's where the goodness stopped. For me the cigar was on the mild side and didn't seem to produce anything more than a slightly buttery flavor. At about the last 3" it did start to produce a nice peppery flavor, but by that time the cigar was almost done.

To me they aren't really worth the price and if i ever get another i will not smoke it, it will be gifted to another unsuspecting victim. As long as Booker enjoyed his cigar that's all that really mattered. The real fun was in giving him his first Salomon.

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