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Well boys and girl (Philly), had my first of these the other night and to say the least, it was the best LE I've ever smoed. Unbelievable spicy flavors, perfect burn, great size (super robusto) and perfect construction. These babies should also age phenomenally. Rating:94

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I'm curious why the D2s cost so much more than the D3s, given that they're roughly the same volume (D2 is a corona grande, D3 a corona gorda). In some places you can pay a differential of $100/box extra for the D2s, which works out to be about 1.5 times the price of the D3s per unit volume of tobacco.

The only possible explanation (outside of hype) is that the D2 ELs are made with much better tobacco than the D3 ELs.

Has anybody tried both, and, if so, is there that much difference?

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Re: Psd#2

just adding on to some other fine BOTLs posts. a lot of great guys don't post on here too much anymore, unfortunately. thanks for all the words of wisdom and help from those that have helped me. (and why make yet another topic about the same cigar?)

PSD2 EL 2003
unknown box code (gift)

alright, tonight is the night. i've been holding onto this beautiful cigar for over a year now. i don't know why i want it now, but i do.

clipped cleanly, good draw. spaghetti western on TV (eastwood/van cleef - where they are both bounty hunters and shoot each others hats up and down the street). drinking another Widmer Hefeweizen. i wanted some tawny port, but i don't have a corkscrew right now, and i feel that it might be too strong for the cigar.

here we go...

oh yes... a minty sweet spice and pepper on the finish. hints of earth.

i see on AMC they're gonna have hamburger hill and the green berets on saturday night...
why are bad guys in spaghettin westerns always shown with sweaty dirty faces? just curious. now that corny whistling music comes in... just great.

still, that minty spice, followed by earth.
perfect roll. just smooth.

not much to say, unfortunately... same flavors, which is odd for a partagas of this "stature". i'm a little disappointed right now. hoping it turns to some other flavors, like those of my mucho adored PSD4 with pepper and cocoa notes....

burn continues to be excellent, draw the same, plenty of smoke.

well... no change.

okay... 2" left, no change. now, the flavors are very good, but not great like i was .... hold up....

there we go. little creamy-cocoa like on the last draw.
just as i say that, it goes away and i'm back to where i was the rest of the time.

still a bit disappointed at this time. only 1" left, and after purge, it tastes better... but not what i was expecting.

been over an hour... about 1/4" left, just purged and same ol' flavors.

alright. the verdict is in.
while this was still a very solid habano, it left me disappointed for a few reasons.
1 - it's a partagas, one of my favorite brands, and i love their normal flavor, it just didn't come out in this cigar.
2 - not as complex as i'd have thought it would/should be for being an all powerful EL.
3 - i'm just let down...
4 - did i say i was disappointed that it didn't live up to all the hype i'd read about it? i mean, it's a partagas EL... the others i've had were outfrigginstanding. this one, only solid.

maybe i just had my hopes up, i don't know. i did get a light buzz from it though, not that it will garner any bonus points for the buzz from me.

if i had to put it on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best - and i have two scales, one for cubans, one for domestics), this would grab a 7 on my cuban scale. if it were a domestic, much higher, but it's not, so it didn't.

i know i should just shut the hell up and deal with it, but i need a hug or something.

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Re: Psd#2

Sorry it was a dissappointment bro. I haven't had a Partagas knock my socks off in awhile. The last PSD4 I had was good, but not like the first one we ever had, or like that one we smoked in Neumart.
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