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Dave had agreed to send some samples of Frog Morton my way, because he's such a nice guy (no, that's not sarcasm, I know...a first for me.) Well today was the day that it hit my door, and it hit HARD.

What the hell Dave? You said you were going to send some Frog, not the whole damn pond. Dave blew my ass up today with some killer samples:

He sent some frogs:

He thread stalked me and saw me ask about pirate kake. Yup, he included it:
Pirate Kake

Aware that I was after strong burley blends to try out, Dave snuck these in:
Kelly's Coin
MacBaren Burley London Blend

I guess Dave also wants me to die, so he included:
Straight Perique

Also, he must have read my "want" list in my profile, because I also found:
And So to Bed

And of course, the one and only......

Dave is the Sh!t, and everyone here knows it!

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Just got done trying the OG Frog Morton.

The virginia really shines through this english. Very light, and very pleasant. This is something I'd want to smoke in the morning, or if I really didn't want to fuss over something since it is so easy smoking.

Reminds me of Boswell's countryside, but better imo
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