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Is anyone using the Oshkosh Premier Humidifier? The following is their hype and I would like to know (being a cigar newbie) if an opionion or two is out there about this type of system.

The Oshkosh Premier Humidifier (TM) is a patent-pending cigar humidification unit which will last for months without refilling with its 10 ounce capacity. It will last about 20 times longer than those other Credo-type ("sponge-in-a-box") units. It is only 6.5"l x 2"w x 2-1/4"h and easily fits in virtually any humidor. You can use the cedar holder (item #101 for $12) or attachment kit (comes along free) to raise your humidifier higher on the humidor wall so that it stays at or above the highest cigars.

No wetting those old lid humidifiers every week, no worrying about dripping water on your cigars, no chemicals needed, no more will your cigars dry out....What more can you ask for?

With the Oshkosh Premier Humidifier, every opening of your humidor is a symphony of aroma where your well cared for cigars will feel and light just like you were in Haban
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