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oh you rock my world!!! a fantastic smoke, burn was excellant, draw smooth, ash held for at least 2"(till it hit my white shirt). Big flavor, some pepper but just hit the spot.

what have been everyone elses experiances with these fine sticks?

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poker said:
I really like the SD4's but REALLY like Cohiba Robustos :D
I have only got 3 of the SD4's but I ONLY have 1 Cohiba Robusto (one of my personal fav's) I am trying to let ALL of these sit back for a while. I don't know how long I will last though, I have been staring at the SD4's the last couple of nights when I grab my nightly stogie. I think just cause this thread happened I'll break down and have one of my SD4's tonight!!

I can't wait allready!

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sirwinston said:
these are way good
i gotta agree with tom here
" way good"

i also gotta agree with poker
but comparing the two aint right aint no comparing partagas with cohiba
(may i add that the co ro's are my fav cohiba)

there are many great robustos and they all can make you
swear they are the best at times
d-4's (always have some)
co ro's (always have some)
epi 2's (always have some)
regios (always have some)
rass's (always have some)
jl 2 (try and have at least a few)
famoso's (always have some)
ryj ex4 (always have some)
mc ro (try and have at least a few)
h upmann conn #1 (always have some)
boli rc (always have some)

good luck figuring out which is your fav robusto
its a long and costly chore.
(and then somebody will introduce you to the custom rolled robustos and your back to square 1 again)
just smokem all and enjoy each for their own

when they are on they rock
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