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LasciviousXXX said:
Wow, went to go see this movie this past weekend and I was very impressed. The reviews I had read from critics were just horrible. Most of the reviews were filled with words like "overly-ambitious" and "boring". I went into it expecting a horrible sequel. I really liked the original rat-pack Ocean's 11 and I was very happy with the remake of it.

The remake of Ocean's 11 tried to hold pretty true to the style and feel of the original and it even had that sauve Dean Martin/Sinatra vibe to it. Well, Ocean's 12 changes up the style a bit by including some of the new school camera work and quick cuts and infusing it with the tempo of the older 40's and 50's Cary Grant spy movies. It was really fun. Ocean's 12 turned up the cool meter a couple of notches with Brad Pitt and George Clooney laying it on thick. It did seem that some of the characters were a little too cool even for themselves. However the film was very entertaining and fun to watch.

Scenery was great, camera work had that Guy Ritchie / Lock Stock feel to it. Soundtrack was good. Acting was top shelf, script was not too solid but it carried its own well. I liked it and would recommend it to all my friends at Club Stogie.
I loved it. Hope to see it again soon so that I can pick up on all the subtle nuances that I missed the first time. The story was just sooo juicy.
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