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Seattle stuff;

After 61 days of NO RAIN and temperatures above 70 degrees, actually a wonderful 75 to 85 degrees, it's raining again. That was a record. The previous record of 49 straight days was set in 1958. What a great summer for the kids! It was Beautiful! Tonight I had to wipe a few drops off the patio chair to smoke my RyJ Habanos!:D

Do gooders are making dessert difficult @ my local diner.


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There's some good news! Hopefully more's on the way for you. I was really missing the rain when I was out on the west coast this summer. Things are getting really dry out in the midwest too. Nothing record breaking but the farmers around here are hurting a bit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some rain this a-way.

In days like these it sure is a relief when you hear the rain on the roof.

As for dessert, well, I'll have to admit to enjoying some cake today. And it was good.

It's kind of telling when a diner has a release form for dessert, even if it is a joke. Lots of folks are just freaking out.
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