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Got back form Bike Week in Myrtle Beach yestersday. Good ride down, just a little rain on the way home. But I digress....

As fortune would have it, our rental condo was within walking distance of Nick's Cigar World. A selection of smokes like this I have never seen. My wife was patient enough to let me browse and select a handful of smokes I had been wanting to sample. I believe if he didn't have a particular smoke, it just didn't exist (aside from ISOM's). The whole store is a walk in humidor, make sure the door closes behind you, as I was gently reprimanded (DOH!). The prices are more than competitive for a smoke shop. I believe you can find better deals online, but for the availability, selection, and immediate gratification, it could not be beat. After I had made my purchases, the gentleman waiting on me offered up a complimentary house smoke, and suggested that maybe my wife and I sit down, have some (complimentary) beer from their tap, and relax a bit. The offer was gratefully accepted. The only regret I have, is that we missed the Macanudo bus on Thursday, because we were starting our ride back home to Michigan that day.

So, if anybody has the opportunity, and is in the area, it is well worth a stop into Nick's for both the hospitality and the selection. And no, I am not on commision. ;)
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