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Just recently finished reading this book...

My wife and I have been on a tight budget the last couple of years,
what with me going to school and my Degenerative Disk Disease, and so
we're always talking about how it's amazing that people manage to get
by working the low-end jobs, or surviving on 1 income.

This book is a real eye opener, it not only explains how difficult it
is to get by on very low wages, but in my opinion, it is always the
poor people who are hit first by changes in the economy.

And IMO, it is a must read for anyone who thinks that things are going
along great, and that we have nothing to worry about...

The truth of the matter is, the average raise per year nationally is
3%, and inflation, nationally, is 5%.

We've been going into the hole since the 70's, and it's really
starting to hurt the low-income workers in america. And in fact, it's
already starting to hit the lower-middle-class of america as well (As
seen by the millions of middle class americans who now go without
health insurance just to keep on getting by.)

A very good read. Sometimes entertaining, mostly just a little scary.

This woman, in her 50's, works 6 low income jobs over a 3 month period, leaving her "well off" lifestyle behind..

She goes from Florida, to Maine, and lastly to Minn. State, She gives herself 2 advantages over the average working-poor person. #1 She starts herself out with $1200.00, as a nest egg, and she gives herself a rental car (which includes the insurance I imagine.) and basically lives hand to mouth...

At one point in Maine she actually becomes so broke she has to go begging for food, and finds out how difficult it is to get it.

It's a short read (by my standards) at approximately 210 pages or so, but well worth it.

The only thing that I will add to it, is that I also did a stint at wal-mart when I was younger, and the older people who worked there, usually had some kind of drinking/gambling/too many children/disabled children problems. However, all of them were what I like to term "The Walking Dead" because they all acted, and believed, that they were defeated and that this was "IT".

This book is especially a good read for anyone who likes to talk crap about the poor, when they've never been there.

It's an eye opener.
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