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Newbie. What cigars are good from Cuba and on a budget!

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Hey, I've just recently started getting into cigars and am really interested in learning a lot and have lurked in the forums but haven't gotten many straight answers.

My friend has been asking me to get some authentic Cubans for him? Is that even possible here in the states and what retailers online wouldn't rip me off in fakes and on price? I'm just looking for some good smokes and enjoy it with some friends. Any advice would be very grateful. I hope you guys respond on where I can get some and where to get good Cubans from. :D

P.S. I'm on a budget but I can spend a decent amount on a single cigar - as long as its good quality and worth it.

And what exactly do ISOM's stand for and they don't ship them to the states? I could get those at any store? Sorry for all the questions.
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ISOM stands for Island South Of Miami. People use that instead of the "proper name" when discussing products of that orgin. For instance you are in seacrh of inexpesive but good ISOMs for your buddy. I'm sure some of the more seasoned guys on here will steer you in the right direction of what to get and how to get it.
In the "Cigar Specials & Retailer Reports" forum, theres a certain retailer in the UK that I would reccomend highly for authentic guaranteed products with no worries.
ISOM = island south of miami (ie cuba)

as far as good sources are conserned... To answer in a nutshell, Yes you can get authentic cubans while in the states. Where i do not know. I myself don't really smoke cubans. My recommendation to you is this: Most people have very personal relationships with whom they buy cigars from both isom's and non-isom's, and most aren't eager to reveal where they get there great deals, BUT if you stick around and post and get to know us i'm sure once we've gotten to know you people will instill there knowledge a little more on the subject. good luck and while you wait there are plenty of good legit cigars you can get in the states that will hold you over :)

I understand where you are coming from when you talk about ISOM smokes on a budget - I have been there for a while!

In the past I have found the Fonseca range to be very inexpensive (when compared to other Cuban smokes) and pretty good quality. You could do worse than start off with these.

The Rodster
Jose L Piedra Cazadores, Conservas, Nacionales are all decent smokes and are very inexpensive.
Puro Rey cigars advertises on this site. Maybe a bit pricey for you, I don't know, but they do sell singles so you can try samples.

I always recommend that you contact the proprietor (his name is Damian) directly and see how he can help you!

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