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Hi everyone!

Last weekend I had a great cigar experience. The wife and kid were out of town for the weekend leaving the house to just myself and our dog, Biscuit. After an extremely rough week, I woke up Saturday morning feeling surprisingly refreshed. I surfed CS for a while and decided to take Biscuit for a walk and enjoy a cigar; I chose a Rocky Patel Sungrown generously gifted from Scimmia. I hoped for a good experience as this cigar sat in my humidor since receiving it last December.

This cigar was dark brown in color and quite beautiful.

The rolling itself looked good with all seams welded together nicely. Overall, the stick was quite firm.

I have been scared of this stick for many months. Most notably due to its very strong barnyard smell. After picking it up once again last Saturday, the smell seemed to have subsided or perhaps I was just feeling brave :) From a cold drawl, there was a noticable tobacco flavor. I could tell this was going to be a good cigar.

A gift from a fellow gorilla has the greatest value of all

Biscuit and I walked down to the nearby stream where he played a bit in the water and learned a little more about what it is to be a water dog. After an hour of exploring we returned home where I sat on our front lawn with him laying at my side.

It was truly a great experience and one I hope to repeat this coming weekend.

Thanks once again, Scimmia!
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