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Newair humidor losing humidity

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I purchased a humidor and seasoned it throughly exactly how it said to on the website. I keep it in the coolest/driest area of my home. I have the temperature set to 70 degrees and it never gets above 65. I have a 320 gram 84% boveda pack inside and the humidity never broke 74%. I haven’t open the door in a month and the humidity is slowly going down sitting at about 61% at the moment. I can’t sustain a constant humidity. I’m not sure what the problem is. It is a Newair250
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I have a newair 250 I used 2x320 gram 84 in mine to season took them out two days latter replaced with 2x320gram 69 and never have I had a problem if you can’t figure it out call newair.
i have a lightly bigger model. it's an AW-181 that i had drawers made for. it's a 15 bottle wine cooler. yours is basically a 9 bottle. 3 shelves spaces.
you need to get a 4 pack of 60g 69% bovidas. 2 you will be constantly rehydrating. we can talk about how later.
Bovida packs don't come a thier tru max-capacity. they can hold 40% more water. put a small bowl of distilled water on the bottom shelf along with all 4 of the new packs. the humidity will jump up to 85 if you let it. take it out when it hits 80 and remove 2 packs and seal them in a good ziplock bag. the wood and the cigars are going to absorb moisture but it won't harm the cigars b/c its only a few days. open the door every so often and let some humidity out and watch the level. once it hits 73 you can just leave it.
i keep my humidor at 66F b/c that's as high as it goes. but that also drops the humidity, which is fine. cigars smoke great when they are around 67% or 68%.......a little on the dryer side. Habanos get stored at 65% and there is also the "English" humidor method that uses 65F/65%, so it is not out of the ordinary to have these levels.
get yourself 3 quality imports hygromat ii's. they are expensive but very accurate. all the other ones are crud. put 1 on the front of a drawer and the other 2 in drawers or shelves. sometimes you get dead spots or irregular humidity spots and you need to know. 1 of my drawers has been 5% higher than the other 4 and i had to remedy, but i wouldn't have known i had a big variation unless i had a separate hygrometer in each drawer. (they are all calibrated correctly and functioning perfectly..)
so that is your best bet. i recommend getting an computer squirrel cage fan and thread it through the drainage hole so you can get better air circulation. there is enough room in the back for 1 to fit on the bottom up against the back so it pulls air in from the bottom where the bovida packs will be and blows it up through the back to the top. works well. inexpensive.
but start with the bovida packs and the bowl of distilled water and you should see a big improvement and your packs will also fatten up some so you could get away with have just 1. but it's a daily battle to try to keep everything on the money. i check my drawers every day b/c i have $800 worth of cigars so it matters to me.
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High-quality humidors will not have such problems, you can consult the seller
he doesn't have a $2000 newair. so this will apply to the OP.
not every drawer or shelf is going to have the same RH. and they will be inconsistant zones depandant on how many cigars you might have or not have in a drawer. best practice is to have a hygrometer in every drawer or on every shelf to see what is going on from top to bottom. why you have the info then you can make adjustments, like adding an size 4 in places that exceed or lack the desired humidity. you want to have your big packets on the bottom to provide the main humidity source, and then use small packets at drawer level to stabilize that 1 section. I have seen $2k humidors with built in humidity supplies that had inconsistent RH levels in a few spots. there is only 1 sensor that determines the RH for the whole unit, but it is based on 1 location, usually near the bottom. that's why auxiliary fans are beneficial you can mount them inside and thread them through the drain hole. mine is hooked up to a variable speed switch mounted on the outside of the unit. 1 would probably be sufficient for the size of the OPs unit. cost was about $20.
as far as loosing humidity, the unit brings in fresh air from the back when it is on and you will loose a tiny amount though the drain hole. you want new air to come in so it doesn't get stagnant. so you will have to swap out your big Bovida packs every 2 weeks...maybe more dependant on what your hygrometers tell you.
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